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KWZ's calligraphy inks are handmade, water-based, permanent, and waterproof pigment inks for dip pens only. The line was carefully designed in cooperation with Polish popular calligraphers to make calligraphy writing more enjoyable and easy. KWZ created inks that had: no feathering effects using a wide range of papers, especially copy papers so that you can print calligraphy exercises, lines etc, proper flow from dip nibs, especially flex and pointed ones, which means, that one dip is enough for few lines of writing, not just few letters, possibility to write a very thin hairline using pointed nibs. One of the most impressive features of KWZ's calligraphy inks is the stable mixture of gold or silver particles that don¡¯t sediment - so you don't have to shake or mix the bottle during use. The ink permanently bonds to paper.
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