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TRAVELERS Brass Pencil

TRAVELERS Brass Pencil
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TRAVELERS Brass Pencil
This is a pencil made in a old press factory located in Japan. This product consists of two parts, the brass made holder and the actual pencil with a iron cup. When this is not used, the pencil fits inside the holder, transforming into a compact “carry around” size. At first, the brass releases a golden color, but through its use, the surface starts to oxidize and the color becomes pro-found. The part of easer can also be removed for a clip-free pen if you prefer. You can put it on TRAVELER’S notebook Pen Holder. or just put in your pocket. This portability makes the item serve as a great partner for a traveler. The pencil and eraser refills are now available as a set, so you can use our pencil for a long time and enjoy how the texture of brass ages with use. We also offer a shorter pencil set for those who prefer a generic thickness when writing. Through its use, the surface starts to oxidize, and this deepens the color and adds taste to the material itself. Package / PET case, H145 x W37 x D22mm. BRASS Pencil / 11mm in diameter x H97mm (pencil: 75mm / HB). MADE IN JAPAN. No.38069006
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