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MIDORI MD Card Cotton

MIDORI MD Card Cotton
MIDORI MD Card Cotton
MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ is a Japanese-made series of paper products with a focus on simplicity and thoughtful design of every aspect of the paper to make writing as easy as possible. 10 years ago, Midori designed the ultimate writing experience based on MD Paper, the original writing paper that they developed in the 1960s. They used this paper themselves and have continually improved upon it based on their experience. This message card is made of MD cotton paper, which contains 20% pulp and is soft to the touch. Maintaining the characteristics of MD paper, ink does not smear or show through and the cotton paper has an added soft texture. The outer card uses the same paper as the MD cotton notebook covers and each card is engraved on the back with the "MD Paper" logo. Each pack contains 8 cards and 8 message papers.
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