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SCRATCH MAP Backpacker 42x29.7cm

SCRATCH MAP Backpacker 42x29.7cm
SCRATCH MAP Backpacker 42x29.7cm
The Gap Year traveler. The Eat Pray Love off to find themselves. The Silver Surfers retiring in style. No matter what sort of traveler you are, or who you’re trying to find the perfect gift for – you can stop looking. The Scratch Map Backpacker is not only made of durable plastic, but it also comes in its own little drawstring travel pouch - which means that you can drag it up mountains, down into caves, over land, and sea. Scratch in wind, rain, snow. Well, you know :) Complete with a copper marker and dry wipe cloth, the blank map on the back means you can customise as you please, and fill out your trip details, ticking off your itinerary as you go. So get going! Materials: plastc, laminate, coloured foil. Includes drawstring bag, pen, and dry wipe cloth. Laminated for easy wipe down and durability. Features Seven Wonders of The World, major airports, and state lines.
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