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CAMPUS Acrylic 100ml 003 Pink

CAMPUS Acrylic 100ml 003 Pink
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CAMPUS Acrylic 100ml 003 Pink
Raphael Campus acrylics are made with pigments that are safe to use in arts and design, and allow you to create a diversity of range and colours in a palette of 60 colours, including pastel, fluorescent, and metallic hues. High-quality versatile acrylic paint with a water base. Quick dry. Acrylics in bright and intense colours with a satin finish. Great variety of colours with infinite mixture possibilities with a creamy texture, not too fluid or too thick. High grade of covering and colour due to its pigmentsÂ’ high quality and concentration. Dries without turning yellow, non-resoluble and their cover is water-resistant. The colours are opaque and light fast and resistant.
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