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CASIO Specialty Calculators

CASIO Calculator FX-9860GII SD Graphic Model
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fx-9860GII Series calculators come with the same eActivity capabilities that originally appeared on the ClassPad 330. Now teachers as well as students can create their own problems and study materials. Students get the opportunity to learn at their own pace for more efficient study both at school an..
RM 855.00 RM 684.00
CASIO Calculator FX-7400GII Graphic Model
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RM 388.25 RM 310.60
CASIO Calculator Class Pad 330 CAS Graphic Model
-20 %
The Casio ClassPad 300 uses the latest in CAS (Computer Algebraic System) technology. It is not a graphic calculator but a next generation maths education tool. With the ClassPad 300 students cannot only manipulate complex mathematical expressions but also grasp the difference between mathematically..
RM 1,132.00 RM 905.60
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