CANON Arc Calculator AS-120

Eco-concious and stylish arc design calculator. AS-120 is a desktop calculator with 12-digit upright angled display, mark-up and reverse function. Some parts of it are manufactured from Canon recycle ...

CANON Calculator 12 Digit AS-120V Blue

The 12-digit compact calculator features upright angled display and unique arc design. Practical calculation includes mark-up and reverse function. Large upright angle display. Mark up and reverse fun...

CANON Calculator 12 Digits WS-1210Hi III

WS-1210HI III with 12-digit display incorporates an adjustable tilt display with extra-large readouts and impressive calculating functions. Large upright angled & adjustable tilt display. I.T touch ke...

CANON Calculator 12-Digit HS-1200RS

CANON Calculator 12-Digit HS-1200RS.....

CANON Calculator 12D HS-121TA

Hygenic x Practical Tool. Canon¡¯s anti-bacterial calculator helps to eliminate any potential hygiene problems, as it has an approved inorganic antimicrobial agent* applied on the key, upper case an...

CANON Calculator AS-2288R 12D-40

The 12-digit desktop calculator featured with stylish arc shape design and 200 steps check & correct function, brings added accuracy and precision to long and complex calculations. Stylish arc shape d...

CANON Calculator LC-210Hi III Blue

CANON Calculator LC-210Hi III Blue.....

CANON Calculator LC-210Hi III Purple

This 8-digit handheld calculator features the 360-degree upward folding durable cover and portable size, making it convenient in all occasions. 360 degree upward folding durable cover. Compact and pal...

CANON Calculator LS-88Hi III

This 8-digit mini-desktop calculator is made using recycled Canon material to aid environmental sustainability. It features a large LCD display and portable size. Extra large upright angle display. Po...

CANON Calculator TS-1200TSC 12Digits

Easy operation for tax calculation & cost-sell-margin calculation. This 12-digit desktop calculator features an extra large adjustable tilt display and offers convenient business and tax calculation.M...

CANON Calculator TX-1210Hi III

This 12-digit desktop calculator is made using recycled Canon material to aid environmental sustainability. It features a large upright LCD display and PC feel keyboard. Large upright angle display. I...

CANON Printing Calculator X-Mark 1 White

CANON Printing Calculator X-Mark 1 White.....

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