Have you ever wanted to build a snow fort, but never had enough snow, patience, or time? Well now you can! This Frozen Science kit comes with everything you need to create a frozen scene including sno...

ATOM & THE DOT A Magnetic Personality (V2)

Learn all about the metal with a personality. Find out how attractive the magnet is and the Science behind the saying, “opposites attract”. You’ll receive a booklet introducing the powerful magnet....

ATOM & THE DOT DIY Dinosaur Fossil

Make your own dinosaur fossils with Plaster of Paris and modelling clay!.....


Light is a tricky little thing. Did you know it can bounce of reflective surfaces? Learn about the reflection of light. Then use some mirrors to make a spy cam......

ATOM & THE DOT Light Up The City Story & Activity

Light Up The City is a story book with a twist! Filled with mystery and intrigue. Also comes with materials and activities to keep your child occupied. Each set includes: Light Up The City Story & Act...

ATOM & THE DOT Mixing Magic (V2)

Watch chemical reactions work its magic. YouÂ’ll receive a booklet to make colours disappear, turn glue into slime and blow up balloons. ThereÂ’ll be instructions for the activities and youÂ’ll also g...

ATOM & THE DOT Paper Circuit Christmas Card

Looking for a Christmas Card with a twist? Make your own light up Christmas Card with this simple paper circuit......

ATOM & THE DOT Sink,Float or Walk on Water

Have you wondered why some things float or sink? Find out who can walk on water and how. Stack colours to make a rainbow in a jar, get artsy with water marbling and have so much fun with a bubble blow...

ATOM & THE DOT The Good Vibrations

Learn about sound, vibrations we can hear! YouÂ’ll receive a booklet introducing sound and how make simple wind and string musical instruments. ThereÂ’ll be instructions for the activities and youÂ’ll...

ATOM & THE DOT Too Hot to Handle

This box introduces kids to the effects of heat on our weather, and what happens when the temperature rises or the seas get too hot. YouÂ’ll receive a booklet to make wind, DIY a thermometer and melt ...

ATOM & THE DOT Try-me Box:How to Print Anything

Did you know before the printer was invented, books were written by hand? That must have taken forever! Make your own printing plate ? you can even print your name in the Greek alphabet, create your o...

ATOM & THE DOT Who Stole Christmas?

Christmas is nearly here but the presents are missing. Find out who stole the presents and where they?re hidden. Time for some mystery and intrigue! This Christmas-themed board game teaches kids to ob...

ATOM & THE DOT Work Smart

This box introduces kids to the 6 simple machines that were invented to make life easier. Combine these machines and the possibilities are endless! YouÂ’ll receive a booklet to make dragons dance, DIY...

AVM Anigram Insects

Combine shapes and colours, reproduce the models offered or give free rein to your imagination. Anagram invites young and old to discover or invent insects! Contains: 59 pieces of 2.25 mm cardboard, 1...

AVM Dominos-Animals & Textures

Discover or rediscover our educative boxes. Useful, playful and colorful, those educative games will follow little children through their learning of shapes, letters and will develop their memory, voc...

AVM Educ Avenue Farm


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