UHU All Plastic 33ml 90037595

Forms a hard but flexible adhesive bond with a thermoplastic character. Resistant from -30°C to approx. +90°C. Resistant against water, oil and alcohol. Suitable for bonding numerous types of plasti...

UHU All Purpose Power 33ml

Transparent, universal power adhesive with exceptional bonding strength. Fast, super strong and elastic, can be applied to one or both sides of the object to be glued (contact glueing). UV and water r...

UHU Contact Liquid 33ml 90037625

Super strong, liquid, universal contact adhesive. Ideally suited for surface bonding or laminating of many materials that require immediate bonding, loading or processing. Bonds wood, board, veneer, p...

UHU Epoxy Quick Set 2x10ml 90037555

Crystal clear fast dual-component epoxy adhesive. Super-strong. Universal, suitable for many materials. Resistant to temperatures between -40°C and +100°C. Filling. Water resistant. Chemical resista...

UHU Epoxy Ultra Strong 2x10ml 90037550

Universal strong dual-component epoxy adhesive. Super-strong (up to 170 kg/cm²). Resistant to temperatures between -30°C and +80°C. Filling. Water resistant. Chemical resistant. Paintable. Ideal fo...

UHU Heavy Duty Adhesive 100g 90037580

Extra strong, solvent-free assembly adhesive based on acrylic dispersion. Universal bonding. High final bonding strength. High level of initial bonding. Easy to apply. Filling. Particularly for interi...

UHU Multi-Purpose Solvent Glue 35ml 91-038-070 1s

Solvent-free multi-purpose adhesive in a plant-based plastic bottle. Formula 70% nature-based, solvent-free, soft and handy plastic bottle from 88% plant-based raw materials, dermatologically tested, ...

UHU Patafix Homedeco 90040660

32 strong, removable and reusable glue pads. Strong, removable and reusable. For affixing of decorations and accessories. Dermatologically tested. Made in Germany. Affix decorations and accessories of...

UHU Patafix Pro Power 90040790

21 ultra strong, removable and reusable glue pads. Ultra strong, removable and reusable. For fastening, affixing and repairing objects. Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Dermatologically tested. Made...

UHU Patafix White 39125

80 removable and reusable glue pads, white. Removable and reusable. Quick and clean fixation. Holds durably. Dermatologically tested. Made in Germany. Both removable and permanent adhering of small ob...

UHU Porcelain 13ml 90037570

Semi-fluid white repair adhesive. For bonding porcelain, marble, stoneware, ceramics. May be diluted with acetone. Universal - glues cardboard, paper, felt, leather, cork, fabrics, wood, among themsel...

UHU Styrofoam/Expanded Polystrene 33ml 90037590

Quick-setting special adhesive for polystyrene. Elastic adhesive film is colourless, non-ageing, and waterproof. Suitable for expanded polysterene, e.g. Styropor® also in combination with other mater...

UHU Super Glue Gel 3g

Drip-free and temporarily adjustable. Ideal for porous materials and on vertical surfaces. Ideal for small-area bonds. Glues almost all solid and flexible materials such as many plastics (such as rigi...

UHU Super Glue Liquid 3g 91042400

Extra fast and strong super glue. Reaches the smallest corners and joints. Ideal for small-area bonds (not suitable for large-area bonds). Glues many plastics such as rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride), A...

UHU Super Glue Precision 3g 90037610

Dispenser with easy tip system for precise applications. Easy + clean to use. Safe standing and shockproof container. Reaches smallest corners and joints. Ideal for small-area bonds. Glues almost all ...

UHU Wood Express 27ml 90037585

High-quality, fast, moisture resistant (EN 204 D2) white wood glue. Stronger than wood. Transparent when dry. Ideal for interior applications (EN 204 D2). Paintable. Solvent-free. For moisture resista...

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