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There’s nothing worse than the last day of holiday. Oh wait, there is. When what should have been a proposal turns into a break, Liv and Adam find themselves on opposite sides of the life they had mapped out. Friends and family all think they’re crazy; Liv throws herself into work – animals ar..
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UP IN FLAMES Abbi Glimes
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As the Prada-clad bad girl of Rosemary Beach, Nan Dillon has been called every vile name under the hot summer sun. Some of her reputation is deserved—she’s never had to worry about anything but maintaining her perfect figure and splitting Daddy’s private jet with her brother, Rush. But Nan is ..
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NEUROMANCER William Gibson
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Brand: PENGUIN Group
Before the Internet was commonplace, William Gibson showed us the Matrix--a world within the world, the representation of every byte of data in cyberspace. Henry Dorsett Case was the sharpest data-thief in the Matrix, until an ex-employer crippled his nervous system. Now a new employer has recruited..
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The new Laureate edition captures the spirit of Dickens's beloved tale in a richly illustrated, unabridged paperback edition. A Christmas Carol has become as much a part of Christmas as trees, stockings and mistletoe. Ireland's new Children's Laureate P.J. Lynch breathes new life into Dickens's clas..
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For Magnus Chase: Hotel Valhalla Guide to the Norse Worlds will whet readers' appetites for The Hammer of Thor. It is a 176-page, smaller format book with black-and-white illustrations throughout. Helgi - the hotel manager - created this book for each hotel guest, so that he wouldn't have to answer ..
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Passion Translation-Luke And Acts Brian Simmons Passion Translation-Luke And Acts Brian Simmons
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The book of Luke is a glorious gospel penned by one of the early followers of Jesus. It has been described as the loveliest book ever written giving us a very full picture of the life and ministry of Jesus. Luke applied scrupulous accuracy to all he wrote, to ensure that what we hear is factual. Bei..
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The Preschoolers Bible-boardbook(bk)DAVID BENHAM
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Brand: Canaanland
The classic, best-selling The Preschooler’s Bible offers the ideal follow-up to The Toddler’s Bible. Over 100 stories include classics, such as the flood, and less-often told stories, such as Solomon’s request for wisdom. With thoughtful questions and captivating writing, this book suits story..
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The True Queen The True Queen
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A sheer delight from beginning to end¡¯ ¨C Samantha ShannonA sparkling magical adventure from this Hugo Award-winning author. We travel to Regency London, Fairyland and an enchanted island. Sisters are separated, plots thicken and there¡¯s a new contender for the throne of Fairy. Fairyland¡¯s..
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LEGO Small Parts LEGO Small Parts
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Whether they are out at poker night, a first date, or group therapy, you'll find that the lives of minifigures are not so different from our own—just without the fingers and noses. This comic take on an iconic brand will tickle the fancy of anyone who has ever clicked two bricks together. Loaded w..
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The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How I The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How I
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Brand: Picador
Winner of the Books are My Bag Non-Fiction Award 2018. You may not wish to think about it, but one day you or someone you love will almost certainly appear in a criminal courtroom. You might be a juror, a victim, a witness or perhaps through no fault of your own a defendant. Whatever your role, you ..
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Ministry of Moral Panic (2nd Edition) Ministry of Moral Panic (2nd Edition)
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Brand: Epigram
Meet an over-the-hill Pop Ye-ye singer with a faulty heart, two conservative middle-aged women holding hands in the Gal¨¢pagos, and the proprietor of a Laundromat with a penchant for Cantonese songs of heartbreak. Rehash national icons: the truth about racial riot fodder-girl Maria Hertogh living ..
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Who We Are and How We Got Here Who We Are and How We Got Here
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The past few years have seen a revolution in our ability to map whole genome DNA from ancient humans. With the ancient DNA revolution, combined with rapid genome mapping of present human populations, has come remarkable insights into our past. This important new data has clarified and added to our k..
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The Wolf Hall Trilogy (3-Vol HB Slipcase) The Wolf Hall Trilogy (3-Vol HB Slipcase)
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Brand: Fourth Estate
Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall Trilogy – Wolf Hall, Bring Up the Bodies and The Mirror & the Light – traces the life of Thomas Cromwell, the boy from nowhere who climbs to the heights of power in Henry VIII's Tudor England. It offers a defining portrait of predator and prey, of a ferocious contest be..
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Another Now Another Now
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Brand: Bodley Head
What would a fair and equal society look like? The world-renowned economist and bestselling author Yanis Varoufakis presents his radical and subversive answer. Imagine it is 2025. Years earlier, in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, a global hi-tech uprising has birthed a post-capitalist worl..
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Lady Killer Lady Killer
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Brand: Pushkin Press
A dizzying tale of lust and murder, from one of Japan’s greatest mysterywriters. A hunter prowls the night spotsof Shinjuku. But he’s the one walking into a trap… Ichiro Honda leads a double life: by day a devoted husband and a diligent worker, bynight he moves through the shadow world of Toky..
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Bear Markets & Beyond Bear Markets & Beyond
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Unicorns, narwhals, yaks, cows and civets – what have all these creatures got to do with your hard-earned cash? Well, far more than you would think at first glance. They are all beasts that appear in the global economic ecosystem. They pop up as warnings, messages, signals and useful analogies in ..
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The Thursday Murder Club
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In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet up once a week to investigate unsolved murders. But when a brutal killing takes place on their very doorstep, the Thursday Murder Club find themselves in the middle of their first live case. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron might be pushi..
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