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UNI Laknock BP SN-100 1.0mm Red
-10 %
The Uni Laknock Ballpoint Pen has a soft rubberised construction with a dedicated grip for comfortable writing. It contains free flowing ink that dries quickly to prevent smudges and smears. Plus, it has a smooth click mechanism and a retractable design to protect the nib when not in use. It has a n..
RM 3.80 RM 3.42
ABBA A4 Label Sticker 23300 99.1x33.8mm 16Labels ABBA A4 Label Sticker 23300 99.1x33.8mm 16Labels
-10 %
Brand: ABBA
High quality glassine paper with durable adhesive. Easy to use on word processor, typewriter and photocopier. Comprehensive choice of sizes to ease different needs...
RM 70.00 RM 63.00
Kraft Cover Exercise Book 80P Single Line
-10 %
Ideal for home and school use. Pages inclusive of cover...
RM 0.80 RM 0.72
PILOT Pop Lol Gel Pen 0.5mm Blue PILOT Pop Lol Gel Pen 0.5mm Blue
-10 %
The Pilot Pop'lol range lets you add a pop of colour to your everyday life! With a total of 31 colours for you to choose from, it will certainly make your life more fun and colourful. You can clip this gel pen to your notebook or scrapbooks. It's pigment ink makes your writing water-proof so your wo..
RM 4.30 RM 3.87
UNI Jetstream SX-101FL 0.5mm Light Pink
-10 %
Tip: Stainless Steel. Ball: Tungsten Carbide Ball. Barrel: Plastic (PC) & Elastic Rubber grip. Ink Color: Blue...
RM 3.60 RM 3.24
BRAUSE 1 Nib Nr.361B Steno (Shorthand-EF)
-10 %
Steno calligraphy nib known as the "Blue Pumpkin". Stiff nib with mid-fine point, ideal for textured paper and thick inks...
RM 9.00 RM 8.10
ZEBRA G-Nib 1s PG-6B-C-K
-10 %
Brand: ZEBRA
The popular Zebra G nib, a Japanese manufactured nib that is long-lasting, stiff and provides great control over calligraphy writing. Recommended for beginners in calligraphy...
RM 10.87 RM 9.78
-10 %
Brand: NAGA
This magnet is perfect for glass boards, veneer boards and whiteboards. This magnet is not suitable for use on metal, e.g. metal boards and refrigerators, as the pull will be so strong that the glue may risk slipping and the magnet will be damaged. Please note that you can only use Super Strong magn..
RM 21.70 RM 19.53
RHODIArama Webnotebook A6 Ivory Plain H-Black RHODIArama Webnotebook A6 Ivory Plain H-Black
-10 %
The "Webbies" are now in colours! Somewhere between Orange & Black, there is definitely one just for you. Features an exterior Rhodia logo-embossed hard cover made of Italian leatherette, orange elastic closure, orange ribbon bookmark, and expanding inner pocket. Each notebook contains 96 sheets...
RM 65.00 RM 58.50
BLACKWING Piano Box Pearl BLACKWING Piano Box Pearl
-10 %
The Blackwing Piano Box features 12 Palomino Blackwing, Palomino Blackwing 602, Palomino Blackwing Pearl or a mix of all three pencils inside of a black piano-inspired box made of black lacquered wood. The inside of the box features the distinctive Blackwing logo imprinted in gold and has piano hing..
RM 285.00 RM 256.50
KOKUYO Jibun Techo Goods Pat-mi Pocket KOKUYO Jibun Techo Goods Pat-mi Pocket
-10 %
Brand: KOKUYO Japan
Kokuyo's Pat-mi Pocket is a set of 3 books (for 3 months) that can be combined with the Jibun Techo diary. The Pat-mi is a free diary that lets you manage tasks and study plans separately from the main planner section in your Jibun Techo diary. The unique feature of the Pat-mi Pocket is that you can..
RM 59.90 RM 53.91
KOKUYO ME Field Notebook 3mm Grid Grayish Black KOKUYO ME Field Notebook 3mm Grid Grayish Black
-10 %
Kokuyo's newest designer range: Kokuyo ME are favourite functional stationery items that are a ton of fun to choose, use, and carry with you - just like fashion accessories. Go wild with new colours and materials and just like clothes - mix and match them to express your boldness and individual styl..
RM 24.90 RM 22.41
SAILOR Shikiori Ink Cartridges 3s Miruai SAILOR Shikiori Ink Cartridges 3s Miruai
-10 %
Sailor's Shikiori ("Four Seasons") line of fountain pen inks feature unique and vibrant colours inspired by the beauty of the four seasons in Japan. It is a smooth-flowing and specially formulated ink for fountain pens. These proprietary cartridges fit all Sailor cartridge/converter fountain pens (e..
RM 18.00 RM 16.20
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